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Tips for Choosing an Office Cleaner

Maintaining the cleanliness of your office is a must. After all, your office is the face of your business. You will lose a lot of potential clients if your office is poorly-cleaned. Moreover, you do not want your employees skipping work due to the sickness they got from the dirty environment in your office.

Evidently, the best way to maintain the cleanliness of your office is by seeking the services of office cleaners. Such professionals have sufficient training when it comes to cleaning offices or any other commercial establishment. What is more is that you can focus on your core responsibilities if you let the professionals from Clear Choice do the work for you. Make sure though that you carry out your homework before choosing which contractor to hire. Let us look at some of the factors to put into account when in search of office cleaners.



To begin with, ensure that you pick a contractor that offer cleaning services at reasonable prices. Keep in mind that seeking their services is not a one-time deal. On the contrary, you will need their services on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to look for a pocket-friendly company for you to save on costs in the long run. You should also ask them about the inclusions of their packages. For instance, is window cleaning part of the package? How often would they clean your office? In short, you need to look for the best value for the money cleaning company.


Next to consider when in search of office cleaners is the company’s availability. As much as possible, pick a company that operates 24/7. This way, you can ask them to clean your office during the night. Note that it is ideal to let them clean your office during non-working hours to avoid distractions in your employees. Bob from accounting might find it difficult to focus if someone is using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets. Moreover, ensure that the company is always available to clean your office in such short notices.

high rise buildingExperience

Another important factor to put into consideration is the experience of the cleaners.  You do not want someone to ruin your furniture or electronic devices due to the lack of experience. Moreover, you do not want a newbie to be cleaning the windows of your office that is located on the 50th floor of a high-rise building. Instead, look for a company who has been in the industry for a good number of years. They should know everything that is about cleaning commercial establishments. Moreover, you can guarantee that the company has all the tools needed for the task if they have been offering their services for a while now.


One more thing to keep in mind when hiring a cleaning company is their area of specialization. Make sure that you hire a company that specializes in commercial cleaning. If you hire a contractor that only do house cleaning, they might not have the best tools for the task.  Moreover, their personnel might not know how to go about cleaning office appliances.


Tips On Hiring An Asbestos Removal Company

It’s no longer a secret that asbestos is hazardous to our health. Asbestos can cause methoselioma and lung cancer, and unlike most building materials, asbestos removal poses a grave health risk if not properly removed and disposed of. Bear in mind that removal of this toxic substance is not a walk in the park. It’s not as easy as you think and dealing with asbestos is not your typical DIY. Services of professionals and asbestos removal companies must be acquired. In this article, we will provide some factors to consider before hiring an asbestos removal company.

Skills & Experience

We all know that when it comes to asbestos removal, companies will only hire the best people due to the fact that this task delicate and risky task requires proper skills and extensive experience. Companies must ensure that the workers are capable of performing the function given to them, that’s why applicants undergo rigorous application process before being hired.  However, doing your own research will give you an assurance that you get the best person to do the job for you. You can make a special arrangement with the company and ask them to send the best people they have.


License & Permits

Hiring an asbestos removal company that don’t have the proper licenses and permits is against the law and will surely get you into trouble. As what was mentioned above, this task is hazardous that’s why all the companies must obtain proper licenses and permits to operate.


dasdasdsAlso, it’s invariably necessary to ask whether the asbestos removal company have an insurance coverage. Never hire a company without public liability insurance policy because this particular insurance protects you as a house owner against any legal suit that might be logged by the asbestos removal company about any bodily harm that can happen to any of its employees.

Rates & Fees

Ideally, this should be the first question to ask. Knowing upfront what an asbestos removal company will charge can help you decide whether to hire or not to hire the company. It also provides a benchmark for evaluating different players in that industry. To be on the safe side, always insist on an itemized price quotation so as to know what you are being charged for. This can seriously help prevent possible disputes.


Stop missing important business calls with the help of a call answering agency

Every business owner must leave his office from time to time. But, every time he/she does so, there is a good chance that potentially important phone calls will be missed. Some recent studies have shown that almost 70% of callers tend to hang up the phone, once they hear an automated message, or if they get no answer within a couple of seconds.

Save your money and time

person wearing headset graphicIf you are a business owner yourself, you realize that you cannot be present in two places at the same time. To help you with the issue of missed calls, you could hire a full-time employee to handle the calls, but that option is a rather expensive one. A better and cheaper option would be to look for the help of a call answering service. These services can efficiently handle all the incoming calls, as well as make important calls on your behalf. This can significantly save your time and money, as well as substantially increase productivity, by allowing you to redirect that time and money, and your staff onto more important matters.

No more missed calls

Answering or handling calls usually takes a lot of time, and in the business world, time is money. However, if you fail to answer a particular call, you risk losing a potential client, which can also lead to financial losses. With the help of a live answering service, you will not have to worry anymore about losing precious time, while answering a multitude of calls, or risk losing clients due to missed calls. These kinds of services use real persons to screen, answer, as well as direct all the calls to the appropriate individuals. In case you are not in a position to accept the call, an answering service has an option of sending you an email, which will contain the caller’s message. There is also an option of sending the caller to your voicemail, as well. With the help of these functions, you and your staff will be capable of focusing more on the needs of your current clients, without any interruptions.

Disadvantages of hiring full-time employees

The process of hiring a full-time employee to handle the phone calls is a time consuming and a rather expensive one. The entire process would require a thorough interview and a hand-holding training course, which will be necessary for the new employee to learn the details of your business organization. The process would also require additional time to set up a new employee payroll account, enroll him/her in an insurance plan you offer, and arrange a new office. Working with a call answering service is a completely different story. A live receptionist, who is tasked with handling your calls, is the responsibility of the call answering company, It is the company that supervises and oversees the training process, not you or your staff.

Advantages of hiring live call-answering receptionists

woman thoughtsThe company that offers call answering services is also tasked with handling the receptionist’s office equipment, various benefits, vacation pay, etc. It will provide all the necessary training, which will be specifically tailored to suit the needs of your business. Additionally, the call answering company will provide its employee with all the basic information regarding your business, such as accurate directions to your office, or other offices.

Lastly, if you have the need, you can hire additional receptionists from a call answering service. Company receptionists usually work in teams, which means you will never have to worry about missing important calls because your receptionist is on vacation or ill.