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Choosing The Best Cat Toys Of 2017

All cat lovers enjoy the experience of watching cats playing around with a cat toy that they enjoy. Cats also seem to enjoy playing with their toys which, while satisfying to their sensibilities, also have the benefit of providing much needed physical exercise. These can be categorized as toys that satisfy the natural hunting instincts and those that make use of catnip whose fragrance appeals to cats. Among the considerations in choosing the best are durability providing years of enjoyment despite frequent use. Other desirable characteristics include the ability to create engagement and entertainment, capacity to please owners and capacity to provide extensive exercise during play. Here are some of the 15 of the best cat toys.

General information

The pick

cat and toyThe KONG Squirrel Catnip Toy is reliable and durable and is available in some cute varieties. The toy holds a small pouch in which catnip can be inserted. This provides natural stimulation providing motivation for the cat and encouraging play and exercise. The pouch is secured with a Velcro strip providing durability, which is long lasting. Some users report minor damage caused by chewing, but, in general, this toy should offer long-lasting enjoyment.

The cat dancer/cat charmer wand

It comes in attractive colors and is designed for fun. It features a wand made of polycarbonate and the fabric with an eye-catching design is chosen to be attractive to cats who want to play. The construction ensures long-lasting durability though the fabric which receives the maximum attention from cats could show signs of damage with extensive use.

The bergan turbo scratcher cat toy

This has an extensive range of colors available, offers cats multiple users to keep them engaged. It includes the trademark Turbo Scratcher pad which provides the cats with the opportunity to sharpen their claws on an appropriate surface. The rim of the scratcher also functions as a roulette wheel containing a small ball and providing our hours of enjoyment for your pet. The base is made of the sturdy and durable material which can handle extended periods of hard use. The scratch pad is designed for easy and convenient replacement.


toy catsThe lowest cost is the KOMG squirrel catnip toy which cats will find attractive. Among the advantages is the fact that it can be machine washed after the pouch has been removed. The major disadvantage is that not all cats like catnip to the same extent and, besides, the toy can be damaged by extensive clawing and bite by the cat.