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How much does a pharmacy technician earn?

A pharmacy technician is a junior staff of the pharmacy department. If you are planning to start your pharmacy career, then you are probably wondering how much a pharmacy tech makes. Many people ask, how much does a pharmacist make? There is no constant figure that we can give the pharm tech salary. Different factors influence the payment, and this makes the payment to differ from one state to another. The salary is also influenced by experience and also advancement in education. To learn how much a pharm tech earns, you need to consider several factors that influence the salary.

How much does a pharm tech make?

Experience level

The level of experience influences the salary of a pharm tech. After school, a pharm tech will begin with the entry level job grade. Here the salary is $ 19,000 per year for those who are just starting out. The salary will, however, increase based on experience and can go up to $40,000 after practicing the career for ten years. Pharm technicians who have been in the field for over ten years are known as senior pharm techs, and their salaries are the highest in the field.

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Certification and license

A certification and license are a great addition if you want to increase the amount of salary that you get as a pharm technician. With a license and certification, the salary is likely to increase up to $ 25000 per year for certified pharm techs. Additional education advancement is a great way to increase the salary of a pharm technician.

Type and size of Pharmacy

The type and size of Pharmacy will determine the salary of the pharm tech. Technicians working in prestigious hospitals will earn more than those working in small and medium-sized hospitals and pharmacies.

Working hours

Some pharm techs are paid according to the number of hours that they are working. Working many hours translates to more pay based on the hours. Typically, most technicians are paid $ 30 per hour. Working on night shifts, weekend and holidays are also likely to increase the overall pay.

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Geographical area

The geographical area also affects the pay of pharm techs. Some areas of the states pay their technicians higher than areas depending on factors like cost of living and other factors that affect remuneration.