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Understanding the benefits and different types of shipping containers

Are you looking for a shipping container? In case you are shopping for one, you need to know that there are different kinds of containers and each of them has its unique benefits. Whether you are using the container for transportation, storage, or any other use it is of great essence to understand how you will be using it. With this in mind, you will be in a position of making an informed purchase. This article intends to clear the air on the different types of shipping containers and the benefits of each type.

3 Main types of shipping containers

Dry van container

Dry van containers are the most common types of containers. A good majority shipping containerswill settle for this type. Dry van containers lack a cooling and heating system. Also, they are not ventilated. These features make them ideal for many purposes such as building container homes and storing non-perishable commodities. The good thing is that dry van containers are cheap. As such, are you considering building a container house or storing non-perishable goods? If yes, then the best option is buying a dry van container.

Open top containers

As the name implies, this type of containers is usually open at the top. These containers are either rectangular or square shaped. They are made of rigid metallic materials. With regards to their application, they are ideal for heavy goods that cannot go through the door and sensitive items that require safe handling. These items get into the container through the open part. Once, stacking is over; the container is closed with a strong canvas material. As such if you intend to transport or store bulky or sensitive commodities such as steel glass, open top containers are the best option.

Reefer containers

shipping containers graphicRegarding appearance, reefer containers resemble the dry van containers. The major distinguishing factor is that reefers have a cooling and heating system for temperature regulation and a ventilation system. A good majority of this type are maintained at warm temperatures while a few are maintained at cold temperatures. However, if there is need to regulate the temperatures mechanical heaters and chillers are used to achieve the same. Concerning application, they are ideal for handling perishable goods such as flowers and food

Dry van containers, open top containers, and reefer containers are the most common type of containers. The decision to purchase cargo containers by ShippingContainer.World will be influenced by the nature of your needs. Other aspects to consider when buying containers include, quality, size, and price aesthetic appeal among others. With this information, you can go ahead and make an informed decision as you buy a shipping container.